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The personal solution for your eye surgery

The advantages of individual surgical  custom procedure packs show in co-operation of:

  • quality and safety by continuity during surgery
  • cost savings and comfort by timesaving processing

You specify content and packing rank of your pack. We are happy to advice you. Objectives are:

  • minimum peek - and set-up times
  • optimal work flow

Thereby saved time and gained recsources raise your productivity and support safe, routine processes.

Simultaneously, the time-consuming shopping from various suppliers is not applicable. Thanks to a combination of selected purchase products along with inhouse produced patient drapes you will receive 100% quality.

The storage is enormously simplified and space saving. The volume of waste is reduced.

Benefit of full potential of individual solutions!

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Head of Customer Service
Phone: +49 (0)6188-91691-20
Email: hariet.doerling@med-products.de
Skype: med-hd