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Become our new partner

You can also experience our loyalty, know the excellent service and our longstanding experience in the field of ophthalmology and become a trading partner at MED Medical Products GmbH.

You can complete our sales network when

  • you are an experienced distributor within ophthalmology
  • you already have a large market share in ophthalmology
  • already a full service provider in ophthalmology or trying to
  • you sell proactively in clinics or surgeries and participate in public tenders
  • you have a sales force, which also attended exhibitions / congresses
  • you already sell or would like to change to surgical packs

With this you meet all the requirements for a successful cooperation.

With different models we offer the distribution rights exclusive or non-exclusive based in different countries.

Have we raised your interest? Please contact us immediately!

Your direct contact

Hariet Dörling
Head of Customer Service
Phone: +49 (0)6188-91691-20
Email: hariet.doerling@med-products.de
Skype: med-hd