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Production-process – From the spool in the operating room

By and with MED developed, specific facilities and accurate handwork of our trained professionals ensure precision and safety in production. There is no room for coincidence. Permanent process optimization and continuous monitoring and documentation of all processes are fundamental to us.

Production of drapes

When preparing your new cover system you are going to define with us all of the necessary specifications. This basic data is transferred and stored in our production software.


When preparing your new cover system you are going to define with us all of the necessary specifications. This basic data is transferred and stored in our production software. For the drape manufacturing, we use high-quality rolls of certified suppliers. Prior to processing it is checked, in how far the measurements of the drape match the predetermined specifications. Whether you are looking for a drape with aperture or a patient drape system. It depends on the right cut and aperture.


With a full automatic cutting machine, the drapes are produced. This ensures that all the drapes always have the same dimensions and characteristics. If required, the punching of the drapes will follow. Special trained employees ensure that the punching form specified by you is going to apply.

Proper folding helps to save time

Depending on the requirements, the drapes are folded to your needs and requirements by our trained staff.

Sophisticated and efficient folding techniques, guaranteeing an optimum and comfortable coverage of the patient in the operating room.

The marking of each drape with article number, batch number and quantity takes place before further processing of a surgical pack.


Another step to your individual pack is the prefabrication by list of items and packing scheme.

Individual parts such as Pro-Ophta sticks, syringes, bowls, cannulas, etc. are made up according to your wishes in corresponding machine packs which are sealed.

We also exclude the contamination of small items with gauze particles. We also guarantee the easy access to the individual items.

Just as the fabric preparation, the processes are checked, controlled and documented by SPC and within the pre-assembly.


At the endconfection we add every ingredient together to a pack according to your specification.

The sequence is done by you. It is reflected in the attached packing scheme again.

With strict adherence to the correct pack order, we guarantee a smooth flow within the OP.

To ensure the proof of documentation within the patients record, you can use the built-in sticky labels.

In addition, there is a bar code and a QR Code which allows the representation of the production of each pack. Thus, tracing the production of your desired pack is possible at any time.

Final Packaging

In the final package area the exact quantities are packed in boxes along with a packing scheme and the right quantity. According to requirements of the Medical Devices Law, the packs are always double bagged before they leave our premises to our sterilization partners.

The unique identification of the packed procedure packs inform you about sterility, quantity specification and packing unit. Shipping and warehousing on site is simplified for you.

Thus we can guaranteed 100% quality.


The sterilization of your surgical packs or drape system is carried out professionally at an accredited service company for a certified and constantly monitored process according to DIN EN 550 by ETO (ethylene oxide).

The sterilization process is validated continuously by an aggregated laboratory.